Low water consumption increases blood sugar

People who for a day drink less than two glasses of water slopes to an abnormal increase in blood sugar. This is the conclusion of scientists at the French national research Institute INSERM" after the research.

Often doctors during routine maintenance, focusing on a few high numbers of blood sugar, and are diagnosed with prediabetes, not assuming that this is the result of what person consumes a small amount of water per day, note that it is water, not soft drinks, tea and coffee making facilities.

Researcher, Lisa Banker said: "Adults who drank every day less than a pint of water were the slopes to the development of prediabetes. The results show the relationship between water consumption and blood glucose levels, but do not prove causation".

The results obtained in the study have a biochemical basis. This justification be based on the level of the hormone vasopressin, the activity of which depends on fluid intake.

Vasopressin is antidiuretic hormone - it regulates water retention in the body. When marked dehydration, the level of vasopressin increases, causing the buds begin to retain water. When high activity of vasopressin in the blood sugar level increases.

The conclusions of this study based on nine years of monitoring 3615 participants, ranging in age from 30 to 65 years, with normal blood sugar. The 565 participants of the study were marked by abnormally high rates of blood sugar and 202 have developed type 2 diabetes. When the researchers examined the level of water consumption, they found that those who drank at least two glasses of water a day are 28 percent less chance of developing high blood sugar than those who drank less.

Researchers urge to prefer clean water and to limit consumption of sugary drinks. This will not only help to reduce the risk of diabetes, as well as give a better control over the weight. Reducing the risk of diabetes and improve weight control will have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, which is certainly prolong healthy life.

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