Low temperature affects a good sleep

As reported by The Times of India, if the room where the person's high temperatures, it is a violation of natural cooling mechanism of the body. According to the Director of the sleep center in Edinburgh, Dr. K. Idzikowski, when it is time to sleep, the human body starts to produce heat.

The process of the so-called cooling lasts until 4 am. Noticed that if there are any factors that hinder the cooling process, the dream becomes less quality and the person is unable to sleep. In this regard, it should be taken seriously to the choice of bed linen.

Researchers are advised to give preference to tissues on a natural basis.

When you choose a mattress made on the basis of synthetic materials, you must purchase a case of natural wool. Incidentally, if the person for a long time can not sleep, it is necessary for the day to put the pillow in the fridge and get it only shortly before bedtime.

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We advise you to hold your hands in cold water a few minutes, but then immediately go to bed. You should not sleep naked, best buy cotton/silk night shirt or pajamas. For rapid cooling, you can take the attitude of "stars".

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