Low levels of vitamin D is the cause of urinary incontinence in men

Low levels of vitamin D leads to incontinence moderate and severe in men. This is the conclusion of urologists USA conducting a national survey among the adult male population.

From 2387 men who participated in a cross-sectional study, 89 percent was defined vitamin D deficiency (below 30 ng/ml) and 55 percent of them severe vitamin D deficiency (below 20 ng/ml). After correction for other factors, it was determined that vitamin D deficiency to bring 40 percent increased risk of urinary incontinence in men.

Dr Alan Markland medical center in Birmingham, said: "in Addition to the factors of vitamin D deficiency, which was defined in the study, factors increase the risk of urinary incontinence include: old age income, education, black skin".

For the prevention of urinary symptoms in men necessary to maintain the level of vitamin D less than 20 ng/ml Vitamin D contained in sufficient quantities in egg yolk, cheese, butter, parsley and mushrooms.

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