Low income prevents people to effectively lose weight

Scientists from the University of Concordia consider: most programs aimed at weight loss, invented for people with high incomes. The poor man is hard to find money for food for complicated diets, fitness and sports equipment. Data published Science World Report.

According to statistics, obesity is more prevalent among low-income citizens. Healthy food schemes and physical activity are forgotten, preferred tablets for "fat burning", the effect of which is unpredictable.

Certain methods can be used by citizens with a purse of any thickness. Limit the intake of fatty and junk food is not such a difficult task as initially may seem.

Only the study involved 8 thousand people. Scientists have found that methods of weight loss in poor families of Americans do not meet the national recommendations of the health system. People think that they can lose weight, skipping one or two main meals. Should be more attentive to their own health, exercise, concludes Lisa Kinami, author of the study.

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