Low-fat yogurt - worthy prevention of diabetes

Scientists have proven that if you eat a little yogurt for Breakfast every day may reduce the risk of developing diabetes by almost 25%. Data were obtained during the research of scientists from Cambridge University. Enough to consume 4-5 standard servings of yogurt a week in order to reduce the risk of disease.

Similar effect has and other dairy products with low fat content. Data were obtained in the survey, which covered 4255 volunteers. From this group the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus of the second type" was put 753 times during the 11 years that have passed the examination. People who started their day with much less dairy products were found to have symptoms of diabetes.

If we consider the yogurt separately, then its consumption reduces the risk of developing pathology at 28%. It is worth noting that it's not only in yogurt. Usually people watching their diet, lead a healthy lifestyle, which, of course, affects the probability of detection of high blood sugar.

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