Low birth weight is associated with autism

Children born with a weight of less than 1.8 kg more likely to autism than children with normal birth weight.

This is the conclusion reached by scientists who studied the history of 862 children born with low birth weight. About 5 percent were diagnosed with autism, time as well as in the General population occurs autism only 1 percent.

In previously conducted studies have established a link between low birth weight and cognitive impairment.

The research took place in new Jersey, it covered the period from 1984 to 1987. At the age of 16 years at the 623 children born with low birth weight were recorded autistic disorders. At the age of 21 years at 117 people spent re-screening and in 31 cases stated earlier diagnosis of autism was confirmed.

The study's author, Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Jennifer Pinto-Martin, said: "If there is suspected autism or positive screening test for autism, parents should seek immediate treatment, it can help children to better adapt in the school."

If the conclusions of this work are confirmed in other studies, we can safely say that low birth weight is a reliable marker of increased risk of autism.

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According to the materials BBC News

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