Lovers of expensive cosmetics at risk of poisoning by heavy metals

Experts from the USA found thirty names of lipsticks heavy metals in high doses. American experts have set a goal to make sure if we have mentioned in cosmetics cadmium, lead, chromium and aluminum. They carried out tests showed positive results.

Scientists from the University of California found that those people who put lipstick more than 2-3 times per day, greatly increase the risk that they have stomach cancer. Leather lovers of this cosmetics gets more chromium than is necessary. And fans of cosmetics in General, can be poisonous and also other, not less harmful metals.

American quality standards do not mention that in the manufacture of cosmetics the use of heavy metals is prohibited, while in the EU on such products is prohibited in General. In 2007 experts sounded the alarm about the fact that the lipstick brands have the lead, but in those days it was not widely publicized and was forgotten. Let's see how things will go this time.

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