Lovers lie on the couch have an excuse

Now the lovers lie on the sofa appeared a good reason for their behavior - they simply lack the genes of sport behavior. Although people may think that they are lazy, but in fact their body is simply not the same set of genes.

Researchers from the UK have deleted in mice, two genes required for muscle exercises, and found that compared with healthy mice instances with deleted genes lost activity. Deleted genes was controlled by AMPK is an enzyme that is secreted during training.

Although mice love to run, and for many miles, the muscles of animals without genes can work at a distance "the corridor and back to maximum. Even though the mouse looked the same to calculate among them "sofa vegetable" was easy.

When training develops more mitochondria, increasing muscle tissue, and if exercise is not, then the number of mitochondria decreases. Deleting genes disappears and the regulator of the mitochondrial enzyme AMPK.

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For obese people, these results are very important, because failure to exercise leads to diabetes or heart disease.

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