Love, not need money for happiness, experts say

Researchers from the London school of Economics has proved that love and warm feelings make a person happy. The money in most cases represent only a bonus to a happy life and not play a big role, writes NDTV.

Only the study researchers analyzed information about 200 000 people. Interested experts question the level of happiness and the relationship of this factor with the level of financial wealth, availability of family and other settings. So, higher wages in two affect the level of happiness only by 0.2 points on a 10-point scale. While the presence of the right partner increased sense of life satisfaction of 0.6 points. Depression and anxiety reduced the level of happiness by 0.7 points.

This study is part answers the question of why people from some poor countries happier than those who live in countries with a decent standard of living. Experts believe that the only deliverance from stress and anxiety along with having a partner can make a person 20% happier, then as a serious salary increase is only 5%.

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