The quality of sex life degrades immediately after menopause. The process is gradual. Research proves that in the first 20 months of sexual function in women, not significantly worse. This publication reports The Hindustan Times.

In total, the study involved 1,400 women. Some have entered in menopause with age, the other had surgery to remove the uterus. More likely, the absence of menstruation affect the quality of the intimate life of Japanese women, black women were the first two years almost did not suffer from problems with sexual functioning. Surgery, experts say, affects the intimate life the most.

The first two years the quality of sex life in women in menopause remained at the same level. In the next three years was a gradual deterioration. Menopause usually accompanied by a number of symptoms (vaginal dryness, anxiety, depression). However, this symptomatology does not explain a sharp deterioration in sexual function. We will note, according to the survey, 75% of women without menstruation believe that sex for them is extremely important.

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