Love coffee genes

Will people love coffee or not, now you can tell immediately by his birth. As scientists have found from Medical Center at Erasmus University everywhere with the Queensland Institute of medical research, sympathy for coffee to meet the specific variant of the gene.

The study involved more than 18 thousand participants. After survey the doctor End Byrne from Queenslandthe Institute for medical research has determined that because a certain portion of the genes some people just can't stand coffee, and some love it.

However, it turned out that not only genes affect coffee, but the coffee itself affects the function of genes. For example, some people coffee suppresses the expression of genes responsible for the development of Parkinson's disease, that is, coffee is a natural suppressor of this disease.

Discovery scientists - another piece of the puzzle about the effect of coffee on the human body, which will help to open the General picture of the impact of caffeine on the human body.

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