Love and sex can prolong youth

Research specialists from the Royal hospital in Edinburgh showed that the secret to a long youth lurks in regular sex. Loving couples who live a regular sex life, among other things, can boast that look five to seven years younger than those who love life has not.

Ten-year experiment with several thousand women and men of different ages was conducted to ascertain the influence of love on the physical condition of the people. In experiments, scientists have estimated the satisfaction of love and physical relations depending on the appearance and age of the participants in the experiment.

During the experiment it was found that the participant's experience, who were very happy in the relationship, felt the love and support of their partners, and also had regular sex looked at seven years younger than his real age. The explanation of this fact is endorphins - the hormone of pleasure, actively released in the body during sex. It promotes good sleep, reduces anxiety. In addition, sex stimulates the circulatory system, which also has a beneficial effect on the human species.

Statistics show that love each other the couple look younger, because they have sex three times a week, one and a half times greater than that of the control group respondents aged over 40 years.

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However, the results of such studies in Japan disappointed scientists: Japanese couples prefer to "asexual" life without sex. Such pairs are more than half of married couples in Japan. About 60% of men older than 40 years said they do not make love with their spouses.

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