Love and health. What is the relationship?

Love is mysterious and bright feeling to the human body beneficial effect. Researchers have long discovered the fact that loving people is many times less prone to stress are psychological in nature, and after an illness and is able to recover quicker to recover their strength. It is proven that mutual affection has a positive effect on the immune system, and it follows that love colds pose no threat.

A series of experiments that were conducted by American scientists, led them to conclude that the effect of that love on the brain, can be compared with the action of drugs. They found that couples need only look at the photo, which depicts the subject of passion that their brain was filled with the hormone responsible for pleasure. And very close contact and even leads to the production of the hormone, which creates an emotional connection between lovers.

Tactile contacts have incredible energy, which is one of the most powerful and vivid manifestations of feelings from the category of romance. They completely transform the emotional and physical condition of the person, thereby contributing to the healing of soul and body. Trivial body contact - hug or a gentle touch help reduce stress hormone in the blood, leads to normal pressure, and reduces the level of pain sensitivity.

Meanwhile, wanting to extend and strengthen this relationship, man on the level of your subconscious wants to stay in great shape, holds a healthy lifestyle and all feels a commitment to excellence. Love is truly a magical feeling, people brings an incredible surge of strength and energy. This is particularly important to love mutually felt comfort, both in physiological and psychological terms. The lack of harmony, in this case, can cause the development of relations.

Most people are not even aware of the existence of specific physiological processes, but at the same time know what a strong and bright feeling, as love our life makes you happy, rich and vibrant. And, as is well known, that cheerful, happy-minded friendly people live much longer, and were less likely to undergo all sorts of diseases and are always surrounded by attention, love and respect of others.

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