Loss of view of the peoples of Asia threaten school

In Asia, children in school, a large load is one of the reasons for the development of this epidemic of myopia (nearsightedness). To date, this issue of view in major cities in Japan, China and South Korea produced about 80-90 percent of the students, the newspaper writes Kerryman.

About 10-20% of people with myopia have a strong myopia, threatening loss of vision. This warning was delivered by Ian Morgan Professor of the Australian National University. Therefore, myopia is largely attributable to external, not genetic factor.

Thanks to numerous studies have found an Association between myopia and long reading or reading at a fairly close distance. According to statistics, in Asia, the process is most intensive, and it is a systematic increase in load in the school curriculum negative impact on children's health.

The only way to protect children from myopia is the reduction of time spent by children on the books. While walking under the sun rays will help stimulate the production of retinal dopamine, which is included in the transmission of information between neurons, which will allow you to save children vision.

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