Loss of teeth reflects the state of the memory in the elderly

Scientists from University College London conducted a study involving 3166 older people over the age of 60 years. The volunteers were estimated number of teeth, the speed of their movement, the level of memory.

Managed to establish that the people who lost all his teeth, the memory is on average reduced by 10%, and walked these people are 10% slower writes Psych Central. The relationship was more pronounced in the group whether aged aged 60-74 years. After 75 years, the difference in level of intelligence and speed of movement were smoothed out. Note, scientists evaluated and other factors: social status, the presence or absence of bad habits, chronic diseases.

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Thus, the condition of the oral cavity can tell doctors about the General health of the entire body, including the brain. A quick inspection of the oral cavity, scientists believe, will allow you to quickly identify people at risk for further observation.

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