Loss of smell makes people psychologically vulnerable

Among the researchers from the Medical school of the University of Dresden there is a belief: "People, since their birth, not discriminating odors, in social terms, feel less safe. Due to this fact they have inflated expectations risk of depression," writes ABC News.

5 thousand newborns only one person he suffers from a complete lack of smell. But with these problems to some extent, everyone faces 5th resident of the metropolis. If the problem is pronounced, the people that taken for granted, may experience difficulties in establishing contacts with other people. After all, such a person lacks the ability equivalent separation experiences.

Such conclusions were made after analysis of the questionnaires 32 people who complained about the inability to distinguish between the odors. As it turned out that people with isolated congenital anosmia (loss of smell), indeed, more experienced feelings about various situations that arise in direct contact with society.

They also felt uncomfortable about the smells coming from their own body. As a result, people from this category are avoided sharing of a meal and more often had symptoms of depression. But all the same especially difficult endured experiences a person, who has in the past felt the smells, and then due to some reason this ability is lost.

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