Losing weight with the help of activated carbon

No wonder they say that everything new is well forgotten old. And so, with a method of weight loss by using activated charcoal. This is a fairly old method, which was used by our grandmothers, and then he was neglected.

Many girls are wondering how to lose weight using activated charcoal?. The fact that activated charcoal versatility, and it can be used as for prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and with the purpose of weight loss. It does not contain any chemical additives and is completely safe for use.

Activated carbon peculiar porous structure, which comes into contact with toxins in the digestive tract and removes them from the body.

This is what the calculation is performed when it is used as a means for weight loss. There are many ways to lose weight with the help of the coal mass. One of them is given daily in the morning, 1 tablet of charcoal per 10 pounds of weight.

There is another way in which the pill is divided into stages: in the morning, afternoon and evening, an hour before meals. And in this case, the number of tablets individually, and is calculated on the basis of the same principle, namely: one tablet per 10 pounds of weight. Lasts such a course within 10 days, after which it can be repeated.

From a medical point of view, this method of weight loss is, to put it mildly, unsafe. Because of the pharmacological properties of coal are in the excretion of toxic substances from the human body. But together with harmful substances, are displayed also necessary to ensure the normal functioning of the human body nutrients.

In addition, activated carbon is shown with diarrhea, and this means that it is able to bind water. The use of activated charcoal in large quantities leads to constipation and difficult defecation.

In any case, losing weight using coal more like misleading, because so far none medical dictionary does not describe methods for using activated carbon as a means for weight loss.

Taking into consideration the above facts, we can conclude that the use of activated carbon, leads to the violation of one of the most important medical postulates "non nocere" - "first do no harm".

The weight loss and everything connected with it is quite important process, and before you start to lose weight, it is advisable to get professional advice.

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