Losing weight on the meat and fish are much more efficient than the bran and cereals

In the world today, there are about a hundred or more all kinds of diets for weight loss. So, any of us theoretically, you could experiment with their figure and to give preference to the choice of the scheme of weight loss that suits you. But if the extra weight would have gone so simple and never came back, the problems with excess weight and its associated aesthetic flaws, simply would not exist.

According to the newspaper Agency, The West Australian, scientists from the University of Sydney (Australia), it was decided to test the effectiveness of two of the most famous diet of carbohydrate and protein.

In the experiment, the duration of the year, was attended by over 70 young women who suffered from varying degrees of obesity.

In the experiment, the girls were divided into two groups and each group has installed power of 2 types. One group of subjects was given the opportunity to lose weight on a protein diet, the second group on the carbohydrate diet.

A year later, the experiment gave a result that eloquently showed that at two types of power both groups received with the same food energy value, and the nurses, who adhered to the protein diet is "dropped" over two times more weight than those who held carbohydrate diet.

Moreover, the members of the group "protein" noticed that even with such significant limitations in power, they felt many times more energetic, more positive, and their ability to work was just on the height, but their friend, who was sitting on a carbohydrate diet, the above positive aspects not experienced.

Protein diet is an eating foods that contain all 4 types of protein: animal, vegetable, dairy and fish. In this case, the consumption of carbohydrate food is excluded, since this combination is formed, the excess calories that are in the future and deposited into fat.

Diet carbohydrate based, respectively, on carbohydrate derivatives. But only complex carbohydrates, which unlike simple carbohydrates that break down slowly and slowly throw away the blood glucose. This favors the fact that people, even when small amounts of food rather long not experiencing the sensation of hunger, and loss of strength. The simple carbohydrates found in cereals, wholegrain bread, fruits and vegetables.

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