Lose weight correctly - diet 6 kas

Many trendy diets that exist today that can cause great damage to your health. Of course, there are the weight loss system, which should not fear. These include, for example, "diet 6 kas".

For a long time, she enjoys great success with people leading a healthy lifestyle. The use of cereals is almost impossible to overestimate. For traditional Russian cuisine they are hardly the main dishes. Basically, any porridge useful. It nourishes the body with vitality and energy. Eating it, you permanently forget about hunger. This is due to the fact that almost all cereals are a source of fiber, which leads to the removal of toxins from the body and controls the digestion of fats, coming together with other products. Trace elements, vitamins and healthy carbohydrate - binding components of almost all cereals. Moreover, all cereals have different effects.

For example, wheat has a positive effect on blood circulation, oats normalizes cholesterol, rice stimulates the removal of toxins and supplies the body with trace elements.

This diet lasts exactly one week. Use it periodically, but again can be repeated only after a month. Salt and sugar by this method, are completely excluded from the diet.

Before you start a diet you need to cleanse the body using laxatives or enemas. During the diet enema you will need. During the week of cereals are used in a strict order: wheat, millet, oat, rice, barley, barley and mix of the above cereals. To cook porridge is quite simple.

Better for the next day to make it the night before. After all the mess, it takes time to brew. So, washed cereal should pour water in the proportions 1:3; bring to boil, and after that simmer for five minutes. After removing from heat, wrap something warm shawl or towel and leave for 10 hours. Salt, sugar, oil to add to the porridge is impossible. In addition to cereal during the day are allowed in limited quantities to consume raw fruits and vegetables. Cereals you can eat as much as you want. The main disadvantage of this diet is full of taste most basic food. But for the sake of the stands to suffer. After all, with this diet you can reduce your weight by seven pounds per week.

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