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Undeniable is the fact that every mother cares about feeding your child, especially when it comes to newborn baby. In this period the best food for a baby is a natural mother's milk. But if the child is missing and the mother can not breastfeed, doctors recommend to switch to infant formula for children. By how correctly will be selected mixture, directly depends on the health of the child, so this issue should be approached very seriously.

Unfortunately, none of the mixture will not be able to repeat the exact composition of breast milk, but it is necessary to choose the one that will be up to him as close as possible. Such mixtures are indicated special marking with the word "adapted", which is a sign that the mixture is as close in composition to human milk. She will be assimilated and well digested by the body of the child.

For many mixes to choose the most appropriate is to answer the question: if a baby has problems with digestion? The fact that the baby food market offers regular and special blend. It is part of a special mixtures are substances that will not only be satisfied, baby, but also to prevent constipation. But minus that the composition of such mixtures can be separated from the natural: the child may develop a rash, allergic reaction, or he will feel bad. So switch to this mixture is only after consulting with the doctor and his recommendations.

Another important development has been the introduction of the so-called night of the formula. The fact that the composition of natural milk contains substances that calm the child and act on it as a sleeping pill. In many modern mixes also include natural ingredients that help your baby sleep better.

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There are cases when due to disturbances in the mother milk disappears immediately after birth. In this case there is a special formula that you can feed baby from the first days. As a rule, the jars can be found with a number 1, 2 or 3. 1 means that this mixture is designed for kids 1-speed, up to six months; 2 denotes the second stage, i.e. children up to 1 year and 3 children with 1 year. You can also find special designation "pre", - this mixture is designed for children born prematurely.

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