Look 10 years younger just necessary to get a dog

Scientists at the University of St Andrews give statistics which will please many dog owners and motivates others to purchase four-legged friend. It turns out that the behavior of owners of dogs strongly distinguishes them from their peers, while there is a difference in age by as much as 10 years. Of course, long walks with your pet are only good. But not only this is a beneficial effect of the fact that the dogs stay in your home.

Dog owners are more active life, and because physical activity in old age is the most important factor that prevents degenerative changes in the musculoskeletal system of the person. Besides dogs positively affect a person psychologically, but this means that the owners of four-legged less likely to suffer depression.

On this topic have been conducted their research with the participation of 547 people older than 65 years. The place of residence of each was removed from each other by about 100 km Accelerometers, constantly wearable investigated, recorded the level of their mobility. 9% of people had a dog. They were marked by high levels of mobility, but the features that determine the presence of depression or anxiety, occurs much less frequently.

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Of course, the dog needs walking, motivates the owner to be more active. Besides the animal helps in case of lack of human support. The man with the dog feels more relaxed on the street without worrying about their safety. Older people during walks with your pet can get acquainted with the same dogs. As you know, communication for older plays an important role.

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