Longevity and good health are not the same, say scientists

Experts from the Medical school of the University of Massachusetts conducted an experiment with the round worm Caenorhabditis elegans. Individuals with certain mutations lived longer than other worms. Scientists have discovered how healthy worms were long-lived. It turned out that organs and systems they are not so smooth. Information published by Zee News.

In the study of worms with mutations in the genes ife-2, clk-1, daf-2, eat-2, scientists have found they reduce all vital functions by 50% compared with a group of worms without these mutations.

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Definitely, more research is needed for the design of the data for the person. Longevity is formed not as many genes as a way of life, the environment and many other factors. However, the search for genes should help to reduce morbidity and increase life expectancy.

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