Long-term relationships lead to obesity

Health hazard pose a long-term relationship. These relationships can be one of the causes of excess weight, which further leads to obesity. Obesity is a serious disease of modernity, which affects not only the appearance but also on the General physical form, the functioning of the cardiovascular system, risk of diabetes.

Scientists from the UK were surveyed. 62% of respondents said they gained extra weight during their long-term and reliable relations, writes Routt.ru. In addition, the vast majority - 75% admitted that had gained weight and their significant other.

Half of the respondents, mostly women, believes that gained extra weight due to improper feeding, increased food intake. This is because they eat the same thing that their partner and in the same volumes. It is known that men prefer more high-calorie foods, which promotes deposition of fat.

A third of respondents said that long-term relationship led them to a more sedentary lifestyle sitting at home, watching TV for a delicious meal.

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