Loneliness is deadly

It is proved that one of the factors that significantly reduce life is loneliness. Scientists from the University of California, sixteen years has been the observation of a group of patients aged 60 years. It turned out that the lonely people the risk of death in this age twice as family.

Scientists from Harvard medical school followed by health 44 of thousands of patients around the world with heart disease at the age of 45 years. And again it turned out that during the four-year study among lonely patients died, 7, 7 percent of the participants, and among neodynamic to 5.7.

However, at the age of 80 years, the factor of solitude ceases to affect the life.

The phenomenon of mortal solitude doctors explain the fact that, firstly, people living alone less closely follow the doctor's instructions, you forget to take timely and purchase medicines. That is why all cardiologists should ask their older patients, whether they live alone.

Secondly, lonely people are harder to cope with housework, often load negatively affects their health. More than 40 percent of single elderly people admitted that life is a struggle, which highlights the level of constant stress in which they arrive, which is bad for the heart.

The risk of death from heart disease after the loss of a spouse within three years increased by 9 percent.

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