Loneliness is a consequence of the neuro-anatomical features of the human brain

Until recently, scientists were convinced that the causes of loneliness are various psychological factors. For example, it was obvious that the people who received severe psychological trauma in childhood, and too vulnerable personality, will always be lonely.

However, it is found is another important reason that explains why a lonely man. So, scientists from London proved that single persons brain is significantly different from people who have communication skills in society, including relationships. This means that people will be lonely affects not only psychology, but also neuroanatomy.

It is worth noting that the findings of scientists are based on serious scientific research. So, they examined a hundred perfectly healthy people. All the experiment participants were asked to take special psychological testing. The results of this testing scientists were able to identify single people. The data of psychological study, researchers compared brain scans. Scientists assumed that single people will be any differences in brain centers that are responsible for the emergence of emotions, anxiety, and depression. However, even the researchers were surprised by their own discovery. It turned out that between loneliness and the number of so-called gray matter in the upper rear furrow temple there is a direct close relationship. Scientists recalled that this area is responsible for various social skills. For example, thanks to the work of this zone, people are able to assess the mood of the interlocutor on his face, and you can understand does the thoughts of the people in the conversation or he is completely indifferent to what is happening. Therefore, if the gray matter in the furrow is concentrated enough, it becomes hard to function and the person with communication having some difficulties.

The results of their study, the researchers tried to confirm by practice. Thus, in the course of the experiment subjects were asked to estimate in which direction you look shown in the photo people. Those people who have gray matter was insufficient hardly answered the questions asked and, of course, with the task failed.

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The researchers concluded that if the brain is not able to read information about the emotions of other people, this person clearly faces a lonely life. However, the authors of the study indicate that the ability to read people's emotions can be developed. And then the loneliness such people to face will be gone.

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