Loneliness activates the instincts of self-preservation

Research psychologists at the University of Chicago showed that the behaviour of lonely people has many significant features. Those who complain about the inner sense of loneliness, inadvertently increase personal space. For example, in the circle of friends and family they sit down at a distance from the floor, and unable to distance themselves even from their husbands, not wanting to disrupt personal comfort zone. Such data are cited by news Agency Xinhua.

These findings were confirmed in two psychological experiments. Among the six study participants, a survey was conducted that revealed as they are comfortable to be around friends, family, soul mate and casual acquaintances. Volunteers who Express feelings of loneliness are twice as likely to prefer to stay away from loved ones. In the choice of distance with unfamiliar persons feeling of loneliness did not play a role.

These observations allowed the psychologists to assume that the suspension from other people, which is the result of a brief activation of the instinct of self-preservation, depends on whether a person is experiencing feelings of loneliness or not. And than this feeling is stronger the more pronounced the reaction to possible conflicts, the social threat or social rejection. The mechanism of self-preservation, not being able to get close with other people, prevent and overcome loneliness.

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