Live yoghurt helps to cope with allergies

From seasonal allergies can help yogurt with probiotics. To such conclusion came Dr. Justin Turner in the analysis of the results of 20 studies. Probiotics strengthen the intestinal flora, the developing immune system. Therefore, certain types of allergies may not appear.

Just Turner analyzed the health and diet of 1,900 people. In 17 of 23 people with the Allergy after ingestion of yogurts with probiotics was observed health improvements. In the framework of the 6 studies from 20 improvements from probiotics were found. Specific beneficial strains to install also failed, writes Live Science.

What is the impact of probiotics on the human body in fact, scientists do not yet know. Should consider non-traditional means of treating allergies with caution and consult with each other before this with your doctor. Consumption of yogurt with allergies to dairy products can result in serious reaction that threatens health.

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