Live lizard was extracted from the stomach of the girl

Newspaper Tacoma times ( USA) published an amusing incident occurred in 1910.

Two living lizards three and a half inches in length, and several smaller, as well as a number of eggs were removed from the stomach Lavaliere, nineteen, four days before her death. Post-mortem examinations showed that the stomach wall were damaged by animals. The heart was enlarged to three times the normal volume.

Sick several years complained about scratching abdominal pain. Experts have long been puzzled, finally, Dr. McIntosh, suggesting the presence of tapeworm found lizards.

Miss Herman drank water from a spring, in which lizards were found, when she lived in Millersburg, 12 years ago, it is believed that she swallowed the eggs or young animals, at that time, and that they were growing in her body. She greedily ate meat and eggs in the last months of life, and it seems that she needed such a nutritious food, as we had to feed not only your body but also lizards. She ate greedily, but weighed only 80 pounds.

By the way, the staff of the Ministry of health refused to accept the death certificate based on the theory of lizards, stating that in such cases there were no reports from the times of primitive medicine.

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