Little kids are smarter than we think

Edition of "Discovery News" informs its readers that children under the age of two months are already aware of intuitive physics. This means that they understand the physical world, says associate Professor of psychological Sciences University of Missouri, K. van marl.

As they Mature, knowledge of kids about the world become more accurate, it gives an opportunity to form those abilities that a person uses in adult life. Specifically, the conducted tests showed that by two months of life, the child is introduced to some of the laws of physics. For example, at this age he knows that the subject that there is nothing to hold, fall (that is, he knows about gravity), and placed in other things things don't cease to exist (so, the thing hidden in the container moves with it).

C the growth of the child increases and the volume of his knowledge about the world. He tries to interact with the environment. To five months of life, babies are aware of that solid objects are different from liquids.

The researchers also found that children in the period of breast-feeding have an aptitude for mathematics. Six children there are a number of points, at the age of 10 months can determine which of the two cups more water.

These interesting findings are based on many observations are confirmed information. In addition, K. van marl and his colleagues intend to continue this study on a larger scale. Perhaps scientists will be able to discover many more interesting facts mental development of children.

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