List of useless healthy habits

It turns out that if you hold the so-called "healthy" habits, it does not mean that your body makes healthier or is it somehow affects your quality of life. Often these habits are vaccinated are not doctors and common sense, and marketing company.

So, the list pseudophoenix habits that do not bring any benefit to man.

Visit your dentist twice a year. With proper care of teeth and a good inheritance trips to the dentist more than once a year just useless. But the myth that going for it every six months, was formed after advertising toothpaste to stimulate consumption among the population.

Do not eat after 8 PM. Actually the big difference time not playing, on the contrary, the hungry people may suffer from insomnia.

Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening. In fact, experts suggest that a good brushing once a day gives the same result as cleaning twice, and the priority is the procedure just before bedtime. Because plaque is formed during the day, then quietly remove it and clean every day.

It is during the heat. At high temperatures, the metabolism contrast increases, calories burned, and man needs to be fed.

Hard toothbrush cleans better teeth. Really soft brush cleans with no less success and does not scratch the oral cavity.

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