Liquid and edible: a New generation of condoms

Condoms were invented by the ancient Egyptians, and since that time, this important element in the intimate life of a man systematically undergoing changes. They were made from linen fabric, this animal skin, latex. But progress does not stand still, and he went on - was invented by mankind glowing in the dark, edible and even liquid condom.

Edible condom is not rubber, covered with aromatic lubricant. This condom if you want you can just eat the whole thing. Typically, these condoms are made with flavors of strawberry, banana and mango. It should be noted that these condoms are a culinary product, and is not intended to intimate contact.

The glowing condoms not only protect from unwanted pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted diseases, but after 30 seconds of being outdoors air, they begin to glow. This condom is a three - layer product: upper and lower layers consist of plain latex, and the middle one with the phosphorescent pigment.

In Germany and even invented latex lotion that when applied to the male organ just a few seconds until it dries up and turns into a real condom. The advantage of this condom is that it fits absolutely any man with any size of genitals.

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