Lipsticks dangerous!

Verification of order 48-five thousand nail salons in California (USA), using, in their opinion, non-toxic lacquers, was identified products containing in their composition hazardous substances that trigger the development of congenital defects, developmental disorders, asthma and many other ailments, Agency reports ABC News.

The control Department of toxic substances identified multiple inconsistencies labels and the composition of the bottle. Although most of the vessels with a varnish was not specified in the list of the so-called "toxic trio", but it is actually in the lacquer was present.

We are talking about dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. According to doctors: "If the person will be faced with a large number of the above mentioned compounds, the problems here will not be able to avoid. Considering the fact that salons manicures usually not able to have good ventilation, according to the experts, about 121 thousand manicure are victims of toxic poisoning".

Thus, according to the analysis, 10 of the 12 products, declared those who "do not contain toluene, were still found traces of it. In four samples experts found particularly dangerous concentration of toxin. In 5 of the 7 products in which absolutely should not have to be all three connections - one agent or more all recorded.

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