Lipomatous (obesity) liver

Fatty liver detected in pathological increase in the percentage of fat in the liver cells (hepatocytes). Most such reactions are the direct consequence of intoxication related pathological processes or starvation. The reasons on which it is possible to suspect the development of fatty liver disease:

1) the manifestation of chronic fatigue;

2) loss of appetite with a corresponding loss of body weight;

3) will be difficulties with concentration;

4) constant dull pain in the right hypochondrium;

5) uncharacteristic appearance of dark spots in the armpits and on the neck;

6) the liver is significantly under the right costal arch. All these symptoms may be manifestations of other diseases, so an accurate diagnosis is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo a series of diagnostic tests.

Principles of treatment of the liver. In the terminal stages of the process will be offered a huge list of drugs, among which will be essential phospholipids (affect the usefulness of the structure of cell membranes), the medicinal product with the main ingredient - rastoropsha, vitamins (alpha lipoic acid), antioxidants, amino acids, tools, based on the use of prodesarrollo acid (stimuliruet the excretion of cholesterol and bile acids).

Not all of these drugs can be prescribed, their choice depends on the cause of lipomatous liver and the degree of its development. For example when the main predisposing factor alcohol, should be used more lipoic acid, and if the pathological process is in the final stages of progression are assigned amino acids. Some patients suffering from fatty liver, are looking for information in social networks and decide what you can self-treat. This option is considered the most destructive, because nobody will be able to do the liver function tests required to determine the level of progress of the disease, and correctly identify the groups of drugs and their dosage.

Not the last criterion of successful treatment of fatty liver disease is strict adherence to the diet. The strict adherence to their table will allow you to quickly exit the acute phase of the disease and more likely to return to a life without drugs. In the diet there are no foods that contain high amount of carbohydrates. This is a white bread, sugar, rice. For the liver, it is important to provide a minimum load, so the main dishes become vegetable soups, fruits, milk, boiled meat diet, cooked fish. There is always the opportunity to prevent, then to not seeking treatment. For preventive measures can be taken such drugs as: Spirulina, Teletovic, Furoxan and many others. ©, 2012 article

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