Like cures like: the scholars told how to recover from stress

A research group from Rockefeller University discovered the secret of how to quickly relax your body and give him strength for further achievements. In the experiment, scientists have found a special enzyme that regulates stress levels and allowing you to get rid of anxiety.

In the experiment, laboratory mice were put in a small cage. They spent 22 days. Then half the mice subjected to another stressful factor, while the rest continued to be in a small cage in which he had been accustomed.

On the first day of the stress in the second group of mice was slightly higher. Then the indicators of stress in mice of the two groups has leveled off again. Scientists suggest, it's all in the enzyme P300, which helps all animals to cope with the influence of stress factors. The obtained results will help in the near future to develop methods of treatment of mental disorders in humans, experts say.

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