Light headphones will easily relieve depression

Scientists have found an original way to treat seasonal depression. If in the fall or winter you feel a bad mood, just put on a light pair of headphones. Many studies have previously shown that seasonal depression helps light therapy, because depression often develops due to the lack of lighting. Finnish scientists have created headphones that include a person with sunlight.

13 volunteers with all the symptoms of seasonal depression participated in a clinical trial design. In light headphones installed suetidi applying impulses to the auditory parts of the brain. In these departments is light-sensitive protein opsin-3, it helps to synthesize dopamine, serotonin and melatonin - known neurotransmitters.

During the month, the subjects used designed headphones every day for 10-12 minutes, and by the end of the course in 10 out of 13 people achieved complete remission.

Inventor Jack physiologist Juuso of Nissila believes that the main reason for depression - seasonal lack of light, and until tests confirm his theory. He found that acquiring solar energy protein opsin-3 is not only on the retina, but also in the cerebral cortex, and in much larger quantities. So to activate it through the ear into something even better. His headphones will emit identical to the sunlight spectrum.

"These headphones will be provided not only for depression but also for the treatment of migraine and adaptation when changing time zones," says Dr. Nissila.

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