Lifting weights helps to quit Smoking

A new study from the center Miriam hospital in Providence believe that weightlifting can help you quit forever to get rid of this bad habit.

Three months of training with weights will help to curb cravings and overcome withdrawal symptoms. In General, men and women who have passed through this program, twice as likely to not return to the cigarette. Than quit and not go to the gym people.

While Smoking kills more than a thousand Americans per day, and the vast majority passionately wants to quit Smoking without help able to quit cigarette that only 5 percent of smokers.

In the experiment of the National Cancer Institute of the USA took part 25 of Smoking men and women between 18 and 65 years. All participants received nicotine patches and were divided into two groups - the first group visited the training centre, where she spent two hours a week, doing weights. The second group twice in the same week watched a video about the dangers of Smoking and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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After 12 weeks in the first croup 16 percent of people quit Smoking, in the group that watched the video - only 8, but the 8 percent noticeably put on weight after giving up cigarettes.

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