Life without diabetes will give a waiver of juices and soda

About these sweet drinks women it is best to forget. For them the optimal choice would be plain water, unsweetened tea and coffee, because it reduces the risk of developing diabetes, according to a study that lasted for ten years which was attended by more than 80 thousand women. The authors of this study state that: "Dilute sugary drinks completely useless. But here's the full transition to the normal water can protect against associated with diabetes, metabolic syndrome".

According to Frank Hu doctorate from the school of public health at Harvard, who believes that scientists about the dangers of sugary drinks in the aspect of diabetes risk have long been saying. He decided to personally conduct a detailed analysis of the situation, reported Reuters.

Dr. Hu together with colleagues collected information on General health and diet 82 902 thousand American women for twelve years. During this period of time of about 2700 women developed diabetes. As later turned out, the amount of water that I drink, not causing risk of developing the disease. But the commitment to sweet drinks changed everything.

Thus, each glass of soda or juice drink per day increased the risk by an average of 10 percent. According to experts, if this woman a glass of soda was replaced with plain water, the probability of disease would be reduced about 7-8 percent. By the way, tea without sugar or just sugar can also be a good alternative. Substituting the above drinks soda, you can significantly reduce risk by 12-17 percent.

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