Life in rural areas does not help people with heart disease

Specialists from hospital Women's College, analyzed the data and found that in diseases of the cardiovascular system is not always motivated to stay in rural areas. In some cases the life of the city only aggravate the disease, writes The Times of India.

Data were established after a survey of 38 thousand people with coronary heart disease (chronic form). In the pathology of the heart does not receive proper nutrition. The main reason for the development is the obstruction of the coronary arteries.

Scientists have proved that the condition of the patients after hospitalization was similar when comparing patients from towns and villages. In some cases, the people live with the disease from the village was difficult. Village life requires a great physical exercise that affects the patient's heart.

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In most cases, the environment has not had a major impact on treatment results. Key moments in the prevention of coronary disease remain adequate physical activity, lifestyle and nutrition.

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