Life after stroke - a unique school for patients

School "Life after stroke" is an educational project for people who suffered a stroke and their relatives. The project is based Stroke center Universal clinic "Oberig", which specializes in rehabilitation after stroke.

Stroke - always shared the life of the patient and his relatives at "before" and "after". Acute period of stroke, which borders between life and death is replaced by a long recovery period, stage in the life of a man when he can't maintain themselves, the stage is important for the future of social adaptation of the person after stroke.

But do not forget that the stroke is not a death sentence!

This has been proven by experts to the Stroke center Universal clinic "Oberig".

For a long time, working with patients who suffered a stroke, and communicating with their relatives, the team Stroke center felt the urgent need to create a school that will comprehensively teach, how to organize the process of caring for the sick, how to rehabilitate and renovation of the declined territories lost function of patients after a stroke, that would return them to normal life.

School professionals are making the Stroke of the center for Universal clinic "Oberig": neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, speech therapists, endocrinologists, neuropsychology, nutritionists, nurses.

The classes are held twice a month on Fridays. The next meeting of the school will be held April 06, 2012. Physicians Stroke center will talk about the drugs that help to prevent the development of recurrent stroke. The practical part will be devoted to the aspects of walking in patients after stroke, namely: insurance while walking, provision of assistive devices for walking.

Doctors invite anyone who has suffered a stroke and relatives who are caring for a patient after a stroke to attend school "Life after stroke". The participation is free with advance registration.

To register call the phone number: (044) 390 03 03 and leave your contact phone number and surname, name, patronymic. The program of the event on the website of the clinic "Oberig".

The nearest school "Life after stroke" - April 6, 2012, beginning at 11: 00 at the address: Kiev, street of Zoology, 3 "" - Universal clinic "Oberig".

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