Licorice candy provoked the development of Guillain-Barre syndrome

Male 68 years developed Guillain-Barre syndrome. The reason was excessive craving for licorice candies, writes The Daily Mail. As the first symptoms, the patient noted pain in the abdomen, upset stomach. Next, the immune system has initiated the process of synthesis of antibodies against its own nervous system. In the developed classical Guillain-Barre syndrome with characteristic abnormalities: decreased body weight and complete paralysis. Only a year later the man stood on the road to recovery.

The etiology of the syndrome is uncertain. It is believed that the reason may be a viral infection, bacteria, diseases, respiratory tract infections. The precipitating factor triggers an autoimmune reaction directed to the damaged neural tissue. The first patient feels discomfort, weakness, which lead to loss of sensation and motor function, sharp pain in the back.

As a rule, the disease gradually subsides. The recovery period may take from several weeks to several years. Most patients recover fully, but up to 15% maintain some of the defects of the nervous system. In 2-3% of cases observed the recurrence of the syndrome. The lack of medical care during the acute period can cause death due to respiratory failure.

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