Lessons in the indoor pool can lead to asthma

Scientists do not tire of repeating that water with chlorine can cause many diseases ranging from skin problems and ending with pulmonary diseases and Allergy. Moreover, a long stay in such water can cause many other diseases and disrupt the natural process of development in children.

Popular news Agency "RBC" reports that scientists decided to study closely indoor pools with heavily chlorinated water. The research was conducted with canadian and French experts, who carefully examined the professional swimmers who have regular contact with chlorinated water. In the lung tissues athletes were detected changes similar to the changes in the lungs of people with asthma.

Scientists have for the comparative analysis of lung tissue from 10 perfectly healthy individuals, 10 asthmatics and 23 professional athletes. Valerie bug, the author of the scientific project of Lille University of law and health notes that the tissue samples from the lungs of asthmatics and athletes alike. All samples found a greater number of immune cells than in tissue samples of healthy people. And pulmonologist Sally Wenzel, emphasizes that these changes in the lung tissues athletes, ultimately, will lead to asthma.

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You can tell exactly what is in indoor swimming pools with chlorinated water contains harmful compounds that make it more sensitive the human body and contribute to the development of allergies. This fact is no one can deny.

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