Legions of bacteria hidden in the probes beauty shops

The point of view of scientists, according to which the testers in cosmetics shops are extremely dangerous for health says a leading specialist in hardware technology and cosmetology Reaction Marina decline.

"Most women, making in-store purchases, decorative testing cosmetics on itself so to speak, without departing from the counter. But from the process of testing cosmetics directly in the store, that is, from the application of various cosmetic products directly on the face, especially lipstick and mascara - should refrain" says M. Felina

There is also an incredible risk of transferring various infections on your body. You can "safely" to acquire and Hubnik herpes and the so-called "boil" on the eyelids, which is inflammation of the hair follicle (the nature of the disease determines Staphylococcus aureus). The point here is that before you these testers someone enjoyed and, of course, was applied directly on the lips and face.

It is not advisable to test creams and powders designed for facial skin. Typically, large shopping malls or other stores and boutiques are visited by the women after the working day and the skin is not as fresh as in the morning. Causing any liquid Foundation or powder, you thereby contribute to "clogging" of the skin pores, which can cause inflammation.

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