Most countries have a negative attitude to polygamy, their heads sure, this way of life violates the rights of women. However, with this position not all agree. A recent study proves that polygyny has a positive effect on the health of women and their future children. This writes Zee News, citing the results of research scientists from the University of California.

In the villages of Tanzania, allowed polygamy, but that privilege had not reached all residents of the tribe. As a result, in one district and live in monogamous and polygamous families. The researchers compared health indicators and came to the conclusion that the quality of food in polygamous families was much better than that health of family members, especially children.

Polygamous family possessed great wealth, had more cattle. Apparently, in poor countries, polygamy is the sign of prosperity of the breadwinner of the family. We will note, in another study, scientists have proven that polygamy markedly increases the risk of heart disease in men.

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