Legalization of marijuana in the United States has helped to reduce the consumption of cocaine twice

Legalization of soft drugs is debatable. Not so long ago, America stood on the path of democracy and has authorized the sale of marijuana for medical purposes. According to the latest data this step reduced the consumption of illegal cocaine twice. The data were published by the media at the White house.

The trend to reduce the use of cocaine emerged in 2006, when talking about the legalization of soft drugs was not. At the same time, Americans began to consume marijuana 30% more.

Pleases the government and reducing the consumption of heroin and methamphetamine in 2008. It is not yet clear why this factor. Analysts will have to sort out this issue.

It is worth noting that the United States distributes light drug as a legal substance. China took a different position. For the sale of any drugs on the death penalty. This measure allowed a short time to reduce the level of addiction to a minimum.

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