Leeching: the odds are always

Official medicine is suspicious of the non-traditional methods of treatment. Traditional medicines do not fit into the conventional frame - they are always looking for yourself, find on the recommendations of friends, relatives and acquaintances. They do not lie on the surface. Therefore, even patients themselves, who are accustomed to rely entirely on competent doctors, less trust "unchecked" ways and means. These include hirudotherapy, reflexology, herbalism, and some others.

The doctors, with all its expertise and experience, give us a fairly limited field of reasoning. Their capabilities are limited. And if some stable disease not amenable to correction in the official offices and its treatment often is declared impossible.

At the same time we must understand that the treatment of the patient is not the task of a doctor. It is always the task of the patient. And if the methods and tools used by the doctor, be useless, you just need to search other.

All this is confirmed by practice. Certain non-traditional methods gradually penetrate into the official physician offices. Hirudotherapy, for centuries successfully practiced within the walls of state institutions, today is one of the most common services of the official medical centers. Useful properties of leeches have been proven by scientists.

The salivary glands of the medicinal leech, which it allocates during a bite, contains more than a hundred different components, still not recreated in modern laboratories. He has a complex effect on the human body and is able to treat a wide range of diseases.

In the official practice hirudotherapy is mainly used for the treatment of diseases of the spine and a wide range of neurological disorders. In addition, leeches are effective for the recovery of a number of internal organs.

The secret leeches activates strength of the body at the treatment site to which it is attached. The first part of the session normal functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Improves nerve conduction, and normalizes blood pressure. The overall health impact is on the entire body, regardless of what part of the body we treat.

In order to allocate the secret of their salivary glands in the human body, leech generates ultrasound. It is established that its frequency coincides with the frequency of vibration of healthy cells of the body. Thus, leech changes the rhythm of the affected organs and tissues to normal.

Hirudotherapy is a particular case of application of non-traditional methods of treatment. A lot of them - they pass from mouth to mouth, scattered in newspaper articles and on the Internet. They are quite easy to find and apply. It is reasonable to follow the rule, known among Internet users: "do Not believe when they say that there is no chance. Chances are always there".

According to the materials of the website licsp.ru.

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