Learn to sleep

Why we sleep and why we need it, it is still unclear to even the brightest minds in medicine. But we all know that sleep is not enough for most people, and the dream that so many of us, completely restores their strength.

When you get close to bedtime, it is necessary to limit the noise around him, for this may have to change their habitual way of life. Possibly, problems at work, financial issues in the family, preparation for family celebrations are very important to discuss, but try to finish them at least a few hours before bedtime and tune in to a more relaxed state. Donna Arand heading Ketterings center for sleep disorders in Dayton, Ohio, says: "Remove from the bedroom TV and the computer, do not turn it into the office and work in it. Let the bedroom will become a Paradise".

In the afternoon you may want to avoid caffeine, as within 12 hours he is not excreted from the body.

One of the main causes of sleep disorders are nicotine and alcohol. So try to give them long before bedtime. At first glance it may seem that alcohol has a soporific effect, but after a few hours he will work as a stimulant and will not allow you to sleep.

But a glass of warm milk will help actually. Milk is the amino acid, L-tryptophan, which promotes sleep. Can help easier to fall asleep and a light dinner, especially well suited to the bird, as it is a source of tryptophan.

If you can't sleep, start preparing to sleep in, start the clock on the right time in the morning, take a soothing bath, dim the lights, put on your favorite pajamas, prepare the bed, so you tune into sleep. Another tip is to sleep it is better to choose a light blanket that was not stuffy to sleep.

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