Learn how to tan

Spring has arrived, and soon will begin the bathing season, and so want after a cold winter to warm your body under the warm rays of the sun. But, as is well known the sun's rays can be quite harmful, and if sunbathing is not correct, you can earn a terrible skin disease. So what to do, how still correctly to sunbathe in order not to bring harm to themselves.

Tan correctly

First of all you need to know what time you can sunbathe. Best watches from 9 to 11 a.m. and from 16 to 19. At this time, more likely to tan without damaging the skin and not burnt down, as the sun to be still not very high. Also at this time is more smooth and beautiful tan. Sunbathing on the beach or in the garden, preferably not more than two hours a day. Remember that after the winter in any case it is impossible to go under outdoor sunlight. Since the body is already accustomed to receive ultraviolet light, the sun should be taken gradually from 5 minutes on the first day and gradually increasing to 2 hours. In the early days, it is not necessary to go completely bare, remaining only in a swimsuit or in the case of men swimming trunks. Let your skin get used to it, gradually Baring body parts. All want faster than to get a nice tan, but it's not right, besides the fact that you can harm the skin, then you still run the risk of scorch. Believe me it is better to be patient than a few more days to go from burning back and forth to be like a snake, which clears the skin.

Best place to tan

It is best to get a tan on the beach. Not only that, it's just nice to lie on the beach, under the warm sun, so it is also more effective than in any other place. Due to the fact that water has the ability to reflect the sun's rays tan sticks much faster. Also don't be afraid to swim in, get a tan, water doesn't hurt, and will only contribute to the improvement of the process. Another plus, which is the sun near any water body, is that the air there is high humidity, which prevents peresushivaya the skin under the burning sun. In order more to protect themselves from burning is to use special creams.

Creams for sunburn

In order to protect your skin from burning, it is desirable to use special creams and oils. There are two types of creams: sunblock, it is applied immediately before tanning to protect Kosov from burns, and a cream after sunburn, it softens and moisturizes the skin after the hostile influence of the sun. Normal nourishing cream should not be used for such cases, as it absorbs quickly and does not give protection from the sun's rays. You need to use special creams and oils that are made for sunburn and prevent burns. But need to know how to apply the cream on the body, not to achieve the opposite result. Apply a thin layer and RUB in circular massaging movements throughout the body. When you use special creams for sunburn, you not only protect the skin from burns, as well as speed up the process of tanning. Creams are composed of substances that enhance the action of the sun, but at the same time, without harming the skin, and you get much rather a nice tan.

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Sunbathe, but do not forget about the rules that will help you not to hurt yourself and your body will get a beautiful and attractive appearance.

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