Leadership is dangerous to the cardiovascular system - the scientists

Experts from the University of Utah conducted a survey of 500 students and appreciated their leadership skills. Ambition, the results of the study, accelerated career advancement, but increased the risk of heart disease and blood vessels. Information published in The Daily Mail.

Survey participants the researchers divided on conditional group: hostile-dominant, friendly-dominant and neutral. Hostile-dominant and friendly-dominant groups subconsciously sought power, which increased the level of daily stress. Often stress affects the cardiovascular system, increases blood pressure.

Arterial hypertension is the main risk factor for more serious heart disease: coronary heart disease, angina and myocardial infarction. Any cardiac pathology reduces the quality and length of life.

In the second stage, the scientists conducted a survey of 154 couples. Friendly-dominant style in one of the partners increased frequency of family conflicts. Hostile-dominant style is more influenced health, reduced elasticity of the arteries, increased risk of heart attack.

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