Leaders are not born, they become scientists

Scientists believe that leadership qualities the person receives in the process of education and self-development. Only one-third of the ability to lead groups of people and manage due to genes, the remaining 70% dependent on the acquired personal experience. Experts from the University of Illinois, during the 15-week courses taught leadership skills to people who want it. Information provided by Psych Central.

The majority of volunteers at the end she found the ability to organize events, people management and ability to keep the audience. To become the leader of the necessary readiness for the challenges, incredible desire and certain abilities. Each as a separate step. Without the willingness not to proceed toward the desires and abilities, scientists say.

First, people have reported that you need for a true leader, then begins the process of training, after which man acquires leadership qualities. Scientists do not believe that a leadership position at the start immediately gives all that is necessary for managing, peculiarities of the profession can be understood only through the interaction with all the working layers.

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