Laziness is a survival mechanism - scientists

Scientific group of researchers supports laziness. Scientists from England and America noticed that laziness can prolong life. At least, prehistoric shellfish. About it informs the Daily Mail. Scientists from the scientific community reported that bivalves that live in the Western part of the Atlantic, was able to survive and preserve the appearance for many years. This is all due to the fact that they have a slow metabolism and minimal energy expenditure.Of course, prehistoric clams themselves did not choose slow activities. But their ability to survive depended entirely on the degree of activity. The researchers made these findings after numerous experiments that were conducted on more than 200 types of mollusk.The researchers were able to calculate the metabolic rate of the body from the remains. They confirmed that the decreased metabolism associated with long life.Luke Strotz - one of the authors of the experiment remarked that the disappearance of some species of molluscs are associated with higher metabolism and activity. Extinction is a fairly complex process. Therefore, one phenomenon cannot be the main factor. The scientist explains: the rate of metabolism depends on many factors. This may include time of maturity, population size, life expectancy and more. These signs play a big role in survival. Researchers have created a plan that will allow you to figure out whether there are similar patterns among vertebrates and other representatives of the animal world.

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